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AvePoint and Critical Path Training

Critical Path Training

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Solution Brief:
AvePoint and Critical Path Training, Microsoft® SharePoint® industry's most in-depth training and education services provider, combine to offer the tools, education, and experience required for organizations to harness SharePoint's full potential

Press Release:
AvePoint and Critical Path Training Partner to Deliver Industry-Leading Microsoft SharePoint Solutions and Educational Services

About Critical Path Training

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Solution Overview:

The most effective approach to ensuring Microsoft® SharePoint® success includes:

  • Proper Education and Training
  • Infrastructure and Governance Planning
  • Infrastructure Management Tools and Resources

AvePoint and Critical Path Training have teamed up to offer a comprehensive solution to ensure that SharePoint's maximum value is delivered to organizations worldwide. Combining the leader in enterprise-class governance and infrastructure management solutions with the industry's most in-depth training and education services provider, AvePoint and Critical Path Training provide the tools, education, and experience required to unleash SharePoint's full platform benefits while achieving timely return on investment (ROI).

Solution Benefits:

  • High-quality SharePoint Education: SharePoint experts and industry thought leaders-including many SharePoint MVPs-provide the most comprehensive SharePoint courseware tailored for IT Pros, Power Users, and Developers, ensuring your organization is properly equipped to get the most value from SharePoint.
  • Comprehensive Governance & Infrastructure Management: AvePoint's award-winning DocAve Software Platform is recognized as the industry standard for comprehensive, scalable SharePoint backup and recovery, administration, replication, migration, archiving, deployment management, reporting, storage optimization, and content lifecycle management solutions.
  • Experienced & Specialized: Together, AvePoint and Critical Path Training use its experience and expertise from working with thousands of organizations worldwide since SharePoint's first days as Tahoe to ensure successful implementations.

Key Benefits: Critical Path Training

  • World-class Instructors: Receive training from top SharePoint thought leaders and MVPs who ground their courseware using real-world experience.
  • Practical Classes: Taught in Microsoft Technology Centers and other equivalent professional training facilities, individuals enrolled in public classes are presented with a pre-configured computer, complete with a comprehensive manual, during their hands-on lab exercises.
  • Most Comprehensive Courseware: Consume the most complete, objective, and insightful SharePoint courses written, developed, and delivered by SharePoint MVPs.
  • Forefront of Thought Leadership: For three SharePoint releases in a row – from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 – Microsoft has relied on the technical team at Critical Path Training to develop and deliver SharePoint training for hundreds of Microsoft developers, consultants, and independent software vendors (ISVs) participating in the Technology Adoption Program (TAP).
  • Multiple Training Delivery Options: Receive the most in-depth SharePoint training available through a variety of delivery methods – including public, on-site, or web-based – to meet each organization's unique business requirements. Now, through CPT's new partnership with on-demand training leader Pluralsight, anyone who completes an instructor-led course by CPT will receive access for 30 days to all courses authored by CPT. Find Out More

To learn more about cutting edge SharePoint training for developers, IT professionals, system integrators, business analysts, and power users, please visit the Critical Path Training website.