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AvePoint and Dell

Optimizing SharePoint's Storage Architecture

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Solution Brief:
Optimize SharePoint's Storage Architecture with AvePoint's DocAve Software Platform and the Dell DX Object Storage Platform

Press Release:
AvePoint Integration with Dell Offers Solution for Complete SharePoint Content Lifecycle Management

White Papers:
Dell SharePoint Infrastructure Optimization with AvePoint

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Are you looking for a scalable and highly efficient solution for reducing business disruption and increasing productivity across your SharePoint environment? AvePoint and DellTM have teamed up to deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated solution for complete SharePoint Lifecycle Management, and can provide seamless migration and file-share connectivity into SharePoint.

Solution Overview

With Dell and AvePoint, you can take full advantage of SharePoint and help satisfy your unique business challenges through consolidation and archival of SharePoint content on Dell Storage Platforms without increasing SQL storage or SharePoint management burdens. DocAve, combined with Dell Storage Platforms and SharePoint services, can help you:

  • Determine a blueprint that fits within your specific business needs through a catalog of well-defined engagements including best practice data archiving design Quickly migrate from File Shares, Exchange Public Folders, and previous versions of SharePoint into SharePoint 2010
  • Improve SharePoint performance by offloading SharePoint content from SQL storage to highly flexible, scalable object-based storage
  • Decrease SharePoint storage costs and enhance discovery with automated, policy-driven content lifecycle management
  • Protect SharePoint assets including content, index servers, and web-front end elements to help satisfy stringent recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • Granularly restore SharePoint content and assets rapidly- with metadata intact- to help reduce recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Scale at your own pace, non-disruptively, with the flexibility to grow up to multiple petabytes and billions of objects as your business needs dictate

Together, AvePoint and Dell help provide customers with a scalable and integrated solution for SharePoint migration, storage management, and protection with AvePoint's DocAve and the DX Object Storage Platform. With the addition of the new DX Object Storage DX6000G Storage Compression Node, AvePoint can apply compression to archived datasets, and any SharePoint binary large object (BLOBs) -- all without any data movement. 

Please See for more information about AvePoint and Dell's strategic partnership.